About Sophia.



Gardening expert

Cooking Chef/ baker

Inflammatory food & intolerance

Healthy cooking / meal planning

Diet and Detoxification

My Story

Growing up in France, my dad was a fantastic gardener who made me discover my passion for plants and gardening. Still today he guides me along my gardening project and inspires me every day.  In 2019 I became an active member of the community garden in Moss, Norway and since then my passion grew even bigger. 

I believe that every garden should be an open community space where passionate but also hungry people can meet and build each other up.

It is where life starts to grow, where friendships start and where amazing people become heroes. 

I spend my time sharing my tips and love to those who, just like me, would like to grow their own garden and heart and be a part of a fantastic loving community. 

Welcome in my Garden!