5 ways to reduce plastic in your garden.

-"By reducing your plastic use in your garden you’ll have the double pleasure of a healthier garden and the knowledge that you’ve helped to slow down the demand for unnecessary plastic."

1. Make your own fertilizer.

One effective way to cut down on the plastic bags and bottles brought into your garden is by making your own fertilizer, known more commonly as compost. If you’re not already turning food scraps and garden waste into a nutrient-packed soil additive that plants love, you’re missing out.

2. Pass on plastic nursery pots.

If you buy transplants from a garden center, odds are you’re bringing home plants in plastic pots. While some are recyclable or can be brought back to the shop for re-use, most end up in the trash.

How to cut the plastic footprint of your garden plants?

  • Start your own seeds at home using pots made from compostable materials like paper, and even cow manure. Watch out for bioplastics, which turn out to have a lot of the same problems as conventional plastic.

  • sharing the plants you have too many of with friends, neighbors, plant swaps or social networking groups

  • Make your own seed starter pots made from newspaper or toilet paper tubes, or repurpose a cardboard egg carton.

3. Pick non-plastic growing containers

4. Choose plastic-free tools and gear

When you have the choice, go for durable metal and wood tools rather than flimsy plastic ones. Plastic tools are more likely to break in the short term and need replacing. You can often find rakes, shovels, trowels, garden carts, and trimmers made without plastic.

5. Get plastic-free raised beds

Raised beds have many advantages in the garden, including improving soil quality and reducing the amount of weeding. A high-quality cedar raised bed will add beauty and function to your garden without plastic. You can also build your own raised bed from hardwood.

Gardening with less plastic can take a little extra thought, but it isn’t difficult.

Try some (or all!) of these simple swaps and enjoy a less plastic garden this season and beyond.

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