Celery in your garden will always be a success!

"Celery is easy to grow in Norway. And you can grow enough celery for an average household of 4 people in a small space (not even the size of your ikea dinner table!) "

Did you know that before it was a culinary staple, celery was used almost exclusively for medicinal purposes? But aside from all its health benefits, celery is a easy plant to grow in Norway. It requiring very little space and no much maintenance.

Growing celery from seeds is not recommended for beginners. I don't even grow them myself from seeds because of the work it will take. Celery seeds are some of the more finicky seeds and take longer than most to germinate. I always find good, quality celery plants at the nursery or farm market.

Your celery will need a lot of water so don't be afraid to over water them! All you have to do is to plant your young plant and let them grow happy! I don't wait to cut what I need while they grow. Nothing test better than fresh cutting celery in my salad!

Can you store celery for later?

Like most herbs or above-ground vegetables, it’s best to cut and use celery fresh. After all, that’s the benefit of having a garden, putting the absolute freshest food on your plate at each meal! But if you are harvesting a lot of celery at once, water is the trick to keeping celery fresh. One option is to place stalks in a glass of water on the counter. Display your harvest while keeping it hydrated until you’re ready to use. If you wish to keep it for winter you can always freeze them!

Celery is a worthwhile crop to add to your food garden rotation. It’s good for your health and is easy to grow in Norway!

Have fun!

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