Effective ways to keep birds out of your garden.

"-One of the most significant things to take from it is that birds aren’t stupid!"

Birds will quickly realize that a scarecrow left in the same place for weeks isn’t going to harm them. It’s the same thing with any other ‘scaring’ method: pinwheels, ribbons, decoys, etc. If you’re trying to scare birds away, it’s important to switch things up.

A scarecrow needs moving weekly and clothing and accessories changed or adjusted.

Here are my tips!

  • Garden Netting

Creating barriers using garden netting is probably the most effective way to keep birds out. Butterfly netting protects crops from hungry wildlife but beneficial insects like honeybees can still get through to pollinate.

  • Terror Eyes Balloon

The most popular bird scaring product available is probably the terror eyes balloon.

It’s a large, usually yellow inflatable ball with ‘eyes’ printed on it. You hang it in the garden and it moves slightly with the breeze. Both the movement and the eyes can startle birds into thinking a predator is watching them. If they don’t freak you out too, you can purchase one already made, and for a DIY version, copy the eye patterns on a yellow beach ball. If you cant find it at the shop use a Ballon (like the picture under) and draw a big red eyes on it, it will also work!

  • Plastic predators and toy snakes

Some gardeners swear by having a plastic decoy owl or falcon mounted in their garden. Even unrealistic looking ones seem to have a decent effect on smaller prey birds like pigeons, sparrows, and blackbirds. They can also have little effect if they’re mounted someplace permanently. For best effect, move your decoy around the garden so that it looks like a predator bird taking up different stake-out locations. If you get a decoy that moves or makes a sound, all the better.

Another predator decoy that you can use is toy plastic snakes. Lay them in your garden beds and scare birds, animals, and yourself alike.

  • CDs & mirrors

I once saw a DIY birdbath decorated in a broken mirror mosaic. It certainly looked flashy but there certainly wouldn’t be any birds visiting. Aside from not being fans of sudden movement, they’re not fond of flashing light either. I think that lady accidentally found a way to keep birds out of the garden.

Keeping that in mind, tie old CDs by a string in your fruit trees, bushes, or elsewhere in your garden. Their reflective surfaces will flash as they move in the breeze, scaring birds away. It’s more difficult to move these about once tied in, but some people say that leaving them in one place works just fine.

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