How the Corona lockdown made me confident in our need to be self sufficient.

There are many reasons to be self sufficient, not the least of which is the benefits it can have for the environment by reducing different types of pollution and consumption of nonrenewable resources.

Before the lockdown du to Covid pandemic I would have never imagine waking up to a world pandemic that would make us uncertain about tomorrow. After a year and half of Covid restrictions all around the world I am certain that everyone should be self sufficient for our basic need, and that start from food need! Since June 2021 I am very proud to say that our garden provide us, vegetables, herbs and fruits to be self sufficient. My family eat every days fresh veggies and fruits and my food budget went 2/3 down!

There are hundreds of small steps anyone can take to become more self sufficient. More popular, easy to do self sufficient living tips include:

  • Growing a garden and eating more produce you have personally harvested.

  • Planting fruit trees for a personal orchard.

  • Building a compost bin to recycle household waste to use as mulch and fertilizer for the garden, flowerbeds, and lawn to not have to buy it at the shop.

  • Recycling leaves and grass clippings as mulch or part of compost.

  • Saving seeds from the previous year's harvest to grow next year's garden or join a swap seed event.

  • Building a rain barrel to collect rainwater for lawn and garden irrigation.

  • Growing indoor herbs for fresh recipe seasoning.

  • Learning basic culinary preservation skills such as canning or making fruit preserves to support a larger harvest.

It may not be possible to become completely self sufficient, but choosing just this few ways will reduce your living expenses and can have a profound impact on the environment as well as an individual's self esteem and personal satisfaction.

If you need any guidance to become self sufficient, contact me and we can work on your project together!

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