If you don't do Bokashi you are missing something!

f you type in" What is Bokashi? "it will inevitably spit out search results that read the same thing: ‘The term Bokashi is a Japanese word that means “fermented organic matter.” So now you know that I am going to talk about compost! I am sure you can't imagine yourself making compost in your city home, but your excuses are not a good reason... well let me tell you that it is not what you think it is!

If you are following me for some time, you already know that i am working everyday to provide my family a healthier life and it starts with what we eat. For my garden to provide healthy organic veggies and fruits, it need healthy "food" so its important to use compost.. but here was my problem: we do not have the space for a compost area outisde our house. After looking a little online I found the "urban compost" call also Bokashi system. A couples click later and our first Bokashi System was home! Prior to receiving this composting system, I was saving all my food scraps in organic plastic bags- sometimes three or four at a day– which I would then put in the recyclable trash place.

The Bokashi composting system means I don’t have to do any of this extra work. It’s a practical and convenient way to deal with food waste and kitchen scraps, perfect for busy urban family like myself and suitable for people living in apartments and house where there is little available space.

How does Bokashi Composting work?

Composting is super simple with "The Bokashi pack "you can order online as everything you need is delivered to you.

It comes with all the components that you need and an information guide, but one look at the system and it’s all pretty intuitive!

Basically the way you use this particular Bokashi composting system is that you layer your food scraps – fruit and vegetable peels, seeds, meat fish and dairy – in the special Bokashi, you then add the Bokashi mix innoculant over the layer of food waste (no need much!). The mix consists of micro-organisms that helps to break down the waste which accelerates the composting process. It also helps minimise the odour of decaying food. Your kitchen will NOT smell like a compost area. You can add some water into your bokashi pack and take the juice out of it to water your indoor plants too! They will love it.

Urbanites and apartment dwellers seeking to live more sustainably have no more excuses when it comes to composting and dealing with green waste. The Bokashi Composting system makes an urban green lifestyle highly possible. So stop with your excuses and start composting!

Have fun!

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