Sneaky snails..

The most common belief about slugs and snails is they are the same but, they are not! They do, however, have something in common!

They are quite damaging to your garden.

They will both target almost any vegetation that is wet or moist. It is why it is important to never water your garden during the evening when the sun is less warm because it is the time they both go out have a fest!

The damage they leave behind are holes in the leafs and flowers including succulent plants and plants that grow low to the ground.

They both can demolish young seedlings and will leave just the stam behind.

How to protect your garden?!

Well I have tried many ways and none of them are 100% good enough, you need to use all the tips gardeners will give you if you dont want to use any chemical solution.

I am all into natural ways so I am ready to go hunting for them this season again!

You need to start very early to protect your garden, way before they show up because just one inside your box can make eggs and than your garden is not safe from them.. So my advice is as soon as you are cleaning your garden and boxes start protecting it!

Here are some of my tips to keep them away:

  • SAND: Due to its dry and sharp texture, sand is another substance snails and slugs do not like. Put a ¼ inch barrier of fine sand around the edges of garden beds and at the base of plants to protect them from these pests.

  • Add copper: When snails touch copper, their slime reacts in a way that they receive an uncomfortable electrical shock that will quickly encourage them to turn around and find somewhere else to dine. Adhesive copper tape is available at home improvement stores, garden centers or online and is the most convenient way to ward off slugs and snails with copper. If you have the adhesive copper tape route, you can simply run the tape along the edges of your garden beds to keep snails from entering.

  • Attract birds to your garden.Many type of birds eat snails and slugs. When invited into your garden, they will be more than happy to help you with removing the snails that have found their way into your garden. While this is lethal for the snails, you are encouraging nature to take its course – rather than introducing chemicals into your garden or sending the snails and slugs to a slower death with drowning or poison.

  • Spray plants with homemade snail repellent:You can make a homemade snail repellent by mixing garlic and water in a spray bottle or pouring cold coffee into a spray bottle. You can then take that spray bottle out to your garden and spray your plants and the area around your plants to deter slugs and snails. If you are trying to naturally deter your slugs and snails without killing them, be sure that you do not spray them directly with the coffee.

  • Attractiveness of Beer and Fermentation Products: Slugs and snails are attracted to beer. If you take a small container like a tuna can, fill it with beer, and set it on the ground. The slugs will be attracted to the beer, go for a sip, fall in and drown. Don’t submerge the top of the can even with the soil level or you might also kill ground beetles which eat slugs. Keep rims at least 1 cm above soil level.

  • Sugar + baking yeast was as effective as some beers so give it a try!

I have also tried to put eggs shells but it never worked...

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