Why should you grow flowers in your garden?!

"Basically, it’s the company that flowers keep. Flowers attract pollinators and beneficial insects. That’s the bottom line,” said Lisa Mason Ziegler, author of the 2018 book Vegetables Love Flowers: Companion Planting for Beauty and Bounty.

If you’re like most beginer, you probably have separate plots for your flowers and your vegetables. But what many gardeners don’t realize, however, is that planting flowers alongside your vegetables can actually help you to produce a better yield and a healthier crop. Companion planting is the word on every gardening enthusiast’s tongue lately, and for good reason. After years of monocropping and selecting plants with esthetics as the primary deciding factor, we are now returning to the traditional wisdom of planting the way nature intended.

Companion planting is putting certain plants together that are mutually beneficial- that improve each other’s health and yields. Some plants attract beneficial insects that help protect a companion, some act as repellents, and some even simply provide shade to others if needed and so so many beautiful colors!

Pollinators are animals — often insects, but not always in our garden our dog Storm like to help our little bees <3 — that move pollen from one part of a flower to another, fertilizing it. Without this process, many plants can’t make fruit or seeds.

Have a look at my instagram "gardening in Norway" you will find many flowers arrangements for your garden!

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